Monday, 4 March 2013

New Girls On The Blog.

We’ve talked about it for months and now it’s happening – Sarah Nathan, my darling daughter and the most wizard cake icer in the world and myself Ruth Joseph author of  Warm Bagels and Apple Strudel published by the fabulous Kyle Books have set up their blog at last. Mazeltov!
We intent to chat – well schmooze about the joys of cooking together and our love of veggie food. We plan to tell you when we devise new recipes and the highs and the lows of writing this blog and hopefully there’ll be a few jokes along the way. We are after- all the new girls on the blog. So come with us on our journey talking and cooking veggie food- Sarah loves to bake and her icing talents are renowned, and well her biscuits are fabulous and because we can’t have a house full of biscuits and nothing else, I tend to look at easy main courses that I can pop in the freezer and pull out for my lovely husband Mervyn adapting traditional recipes for lighter, healthier versions. After all I haven’t trained as a nutritionist for nothing. 
We hope you’ll enjoy the fun and always the laughter and maybe try the recipes.


  1. As an adventurous veggie with an equally lovely (well, to me anyway) veggie husband, I'm really pleased to have found your blog via the delicious looking Limoncello, Lemon and Blueberry Cloud Cake in the Guardian. I look forward to learning more about cuisine I know little about and trying my hand with the cake when work lets me. Thank you both!

    1. Hi Veggie with the lovely husband so thrilled to hear from you. The Limoncello, lemon and blueberry cloud-cake
      is always a winner. When you've tried it please let us know we'd love to have your comments.
      Veggie Hugs
      Ruth and Sarah

  2. Thanks Ruth and Sarah - will do. It's likely to be a little while before I get the chance though - work is necessarily dominating life at the moment. Luckily, the lovely husband is a patient one too!

  3. Well, I managed to get away from work long enough during the Bank Holiday weekend. I'm not a cake making expert but more of a sort-of-competent-amateur type but, to sum up - there's very little cake left now!
    On the minus side:
    * For some people a minus might be that the recipe needs time, this isn’t a quick make because of the batter, bake, syrup, syrup soaking and icing stages. But that's part of the cake making fun, isn't it?
    * Despite very careful egg white folding, I was really very worried that the cakes just weren’t going to rise and spent anxious moments staring through the oven door. They did rise but not a great deal - I think that might have been more down to my large diameter cake tins making the batter spread out rather too much.
    *The icing seemed a bit runny, rather than spreadable. So I upped the icing sugar bit by bit and beat the mix well until it was looking thicker, spread it on and left the cake in the fridge for a couple of hours before eating. A bit sweeter but worked perfectly.
    On the plus side:
    * Not as deep as in the picture but very like it otherwise, looks delicious and very inviting.
    * Tastes delicious too, light texture and moist.
    * The LH looked sceptically at the icing ingredients and wondered how it would work. He’s sceptical no more. Lots of properties of butter icing with much, much less fat.
    *The recipe is definitely a winner and a keeper, your late mother/grandmother should be proud for the base!
    Thank you for sharing

    1. Hi Anonymous so glad the cake was a success. Keep following is for more lovely recipes and ideas. Lots of veggie hugs Ruth and Sarah