Thursday, 6 June 2013

 Pearled Spelt Tabbouleh

Hi Lovely followers
Thank you for your ongoing support and here’s an easy luscious savoury dish that sits in the fridge and satisfies veggies and carnivores alike.        
 Sarah and I had a serious conflab on this one. We knew we had to make a savoury to keep our lovely followers happy. It had to be some thing substantial, summery and of course tasty but maybe vegan. Then her lovely little rescue Heinz dog, Luna came in from a walk and breathed wild garlic in her face and the inspiration arrived.

We had already decided to make a Pearled Spelt Tabbouleh dressing it with lemon juice and olive oil while it was warm. But after our chat we added a handful of finely chopped garlic leaves, fresh peas, plus the posh element of a bunch of asparagus chopped so that they mixed in beautifully plus the first fresh sprigs of freshly chopped mint and parsley from the garden. A grating of fine lemon zest with a handful of toasted nuts on the top to add crunch – (I always want to add walnut oil and walnuts but Sarah goes with mixed seeds and that’s no hardship) and our tabbouleh was complete. Totally sustainable, summery, substantial and fab veggie food.

If the seasons had been kinder we should have had our first broad beans by now but never mind we could use frozen to add another texture if wanted.
Hope you like the recipe we enjoyed the eating!!!
Love and hugs
Ruth  and Sarah

                                         Pearled Spelt Tabbouleh serves 4

125 g pearled spelt
Vegetable stock made with marigold bouillon 
150g fresh or frozen peas defrosted 
1 bunch fresh asparagus
Zest of a whole and juice ½ lemon
2 tablespoons olive oil
15 g fresh wild garlic leaves finely chopped
25 g fresh mint finely chopped
25 g fresh flat leaf parsley finely chopped
100g toasted seeds or walnuts
Freshly milled black pepper and salt

Add 10 black olives stoned and chopped
1 tablespoon capers finely chopped
The simple way is to use a microwave or pressure cooker for cooking the spelt. But obviously the pressure cooker is more sustainable. In both instances cover the spelt with double the stock. Cook for 1 hour until really tender. Some prefer their spelt to be firmer so then cook for 45 minutes. You may need to add a little more stock as it might dry out. So check after 30 minutes and stir to ensure the middle and sides are all cooked and there are no uncooked grains.
Leave to cool. While the spelt is cooking, break off the woody bases of the asparagus and save for soup etc and pop the delicate tops into a pan of boiling salted water. Have another bowl with iced water ready.

Chop all the herbs and leave on the side. After 3 minutes check the asparagus which should be ready at this time of the year. Drop into the bowl of iced water to preserve the colour and also the peas if using frozen.

When cool, remove the asparagus and peas, if frozen, from the iced water and when the spelt is cold combine with the lemon- juice and zest, olive oil, the chopped herbs with the spelt. Season well with freshly milled black pepper and salt and top with the seeds.

.Serve as a luscious lunch and enjoy.